The term dry ice is commonly referred to as carbon dioxide (CO2) in the solid state which at atmospheric pressure is at a temperature of about -80°.

Dry ice allows for residue-free cleaning, without water and chemicals: the application is environmentally friendly, bactericidal and significantly faster than conventional cleaning methods.

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Further details

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The CO2 pellets are non-toxic, sublimate on impact (they return to their natural gaseous state in the atmosphere), and do not require disposal. The cleaning action takes place by “impact waste removal”; with the impact, the pellets penetrate the surface below the slag to be removed, shatter and create a high-speed flow of dry ice particles which, exploding at the point of impact, create a flow that lifts the contaminant from the piece removing it from the inside towards outside.



Mechanical dry ice pellets with a diameter of 1.5-3 mm are thrown at high speed on the surface to be cleaned.
There is no damage to the substrate, as there is no cutting or abrasion action. Since CO2 (dry ice) sublimates, the only residue is the removed debris.


Thermal the impact of the pellets on the surface causes thermal shock at -78° makes the encrustation friable and separates it from the surface to be cleaned so that it is easily removable.


Kinetic When dry ice hits the surface to be cleaned, it changes from a solid to a gaseous state: this causes an expansion of the volume of carbon dioxide by about 700 times and consequently an explosion of encrustations from the surface to be cleaned.


Fungistatic In the transition from solid to gaseous state, carbon dioxide exerts a bacteriostatic and fungistatic action, slowing down the proliferation of microbiological flora and ensuring optimal conditions also from an hygienic point of view.


Sublimation A further and important feature of dry ice is its ability to leave no residual moisture on the products it has been in contact with. In fact, by sublimating, it produces an atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide which, being a dry gas, tends to reduce the moisture content in the environment without leaving any trace of water on the treated surfaces. For this reason cryogenic cleaning is recommended both in the food sector and in the cleaning of electrical systems.


ICE BLAST has no abrasive effects and therefore it is extremely delicate with surfaces




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To ensure that dry ice lasts as long as possible, our supply service uses high quality isothermal containers with excellent insulation values. Isothermal containers with capacity from 15 kg to 600 kg are available. 

For deliveries of small quantities starting from 15 kg, special containers with a wall thickness of 30 mm are used which guarantee exceptional insulation. *(photo)

A feature that distinguishes our express delivery service is the possibility to order even small quantities of 15/20 kg, a condition that allows us to expand the audience of customers who need our special product.




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