Almandine based granulate

Garblast  is a natural, mineral, universal sandblasting material.

The main component is the Australian almandine garnet which stands out as one of the hardest minerals with extraordinary sandblasting characteristics.


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Since free from heavy metals or toxic components, Garblast meets all health and safety requirements. Garblast forms a perfect combination of optimum grain size, maximum density and great hardness. This guarantees optimal sandblasting quality combined with very low consumption and high yield for safe environmental and working conditions.


Garblast: High abrasive yield and low consumptio.


Thanks to its low consumption (kg / m2) and high yield (m2 / h) as well as the resulting low disposal costs, Garblast represents a cheaper alternative to quartz sand, slag blasting material or steel grits. 
Depending on the field of use, thanks to the Australian almandine garnet fragmentation resistance, Garblast can be reused from 4 to 10 times. 
Garblast is mined and processed in a modern manufacturing facility in Western Australia, the world's largest producer of natural industrial garnet



Garblast abrasive is a chemically inactive natural product devoid of any toxic component and quartz. The use of Garblast guarantees cheap sandblasting.

Minimal dust production
Sandblasting with Garblast abrasive means significantly less dust production thanks to the extraordinary resistance of the material. This feature, combined with the high specific weight of 4.1, makes Garblast a virtually dust-free sandblasting material.

High sandblasting yield
Compared to traditional sandblasting materials, Garblast abrasive has a double yield.

Very low consumption
The great effectiveness of Garblast Abrasive means a consumption of sandblasting material reduced by up to 1/3.

High surface quality
The surface standard according to SA3 with a good surface profile of 50-75 microns is easily achieved.

 Better environmental and working conditions
it is non-toxic and falls within the maximum values set by the legislator for silicone and toxic components. Thanks to its low consumption and high reusability, Garblast abrasive is a very ecological product.

Great reusability guaranteed
Abrasive Garblast is a sandblasting material that can be used multiple times. Depending on the field of use, it can be reused from 4 to 10 times without losing its great blasting performance. In addition, the volume of disposal is significantly reduced. If necessary, fit recycling systems can be proposed.

Maximisation of the sandblasting yield of the Garblast abrasive

No need of expensive special equipment when blasting. You can achieve optimal yield by taking into account the following points:

Control of the abrasive flow
With Garblast abrasive, the need for sandblasting material can be reduced by up to 1/3. To achieve this result, the flow of blasting material over the abrasion valve must be minimised by slowly opening the closed valve until the desired degree of cleanliness is achieved. For this you need an adjustable valve or a Garblast abrasive valve / with fixed outflow port suitable for the relevant jet nozzle.

Air pressure
Depending on the application range, the air pressure measured at the nozzle should be between 5 and 7 bar. The air must be dry and oil-free. High air pressure and minimal flow of the blasting material mean that the grain is optimally accelerated. This is the basic prerequisite for a high yield on the surface.

Venturi Nozzles
The use of long Venturi jet nozzles is strongly recommended because they optimally increase the speed and therefore the impact energy of the grain, which leads to maximum yield on the surface. To avoid pressure drops and unnecessary material waste, check the nozzle wear regularly and replace it if necessary.

schede tecnicheData sheets and downloads
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