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Applicable standards
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Right holders
This website is exclusive property of Fevi S.r.l. The Internet domain and name were formally assigned according to the methods and procedures in force when the request was submitted.
The rights on the contents are owned by Fevi S.r.l. Some Internet pages of this website may contain copyrighted materials of third parties. By publishing such materials, Fevi S.r.l. does not grant any right on any of the website contents.

Conditions for the use and reproduction by third parties of the materials published in the website

  1. Permitted behaviour
    The website and its contents may be accessed by visitors exclusively for the purposes permitted by Fevi S.r.l. and specified in this website. The website and the data provided therein may be browsed exclusively for personal use (e.g. for personal information, research or study).

  2. Forbidden behaviour
    Under no circumstances is the user allowed to use or let third parties use the website and its data for commercial purposes. Consequently, any commercial or business use of the website is always forbidden..

    Moreover, it is also always forbidden to:

    • modify the website or any of its contents or access modes;
    • perform any action that qualifies as felony according to the applicable laws (e.g. the so-called computer crimes, such as unlawful access to IT systems);
    • in any way divide parts or sections of this website and/or incorporate them into other websites of third parties, or modify, copy, reproduce, republish, load from a program, disclose, transmit of share in any way the Contents, whether in full or in part, including codes and software without the previous consent of Fevi S.r.l., in violation of these conditions;
    • seek to access reserved areas of the website without authorisation;
    • load software programs, files and other materials that may destroy or damage the IT systems, such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden” files (e.g. images with integrated audio files), worms, Trojan horses or bots for scrolling, for opening multiple screens and for any other activity that may undermine the integrity, functionality and online communication capabilities of the website;
    • in general, to use the website in any way that may undermine, interrupt or limit the proper functioning of this website or of its services;
    • to use the website in order to collect personal data of third parties (e.g. e-mail addresses) without authorisation.

Links to other websites
This website may include links to third party websites.
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Fevi S.r.l. declines any liability for any events and/or damages that the user and/or third parties may face or incur as a result of the use of this website and/or of the Contents.
Fevi S.r.l. declines any liability for any events and/or damages that may result from actions it may undertake in order to counter any forbidden behaviour of the user or third parties.
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