Factors to consider when buying a sandblaster

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When deciding to buy a sandblasting machine, there are several aspects to consider in order to make the right choice. Here are the most important factors to take into account:

1. Intervention location: outdoors or indoors

The first aspect to evaluate is where the sandblaster will be used. If the intervention takes place outdoors, it will be possible to use a free-jet sandblaster. On the contrary, if the intervention takes place in a closed environment, it will be advisable to evaluate and use a recovery sandblaster.

2. Size of the surface to be blasted

Another aspect to consider is the size of the surface you will be working on. If it's a small area such as a wall or a small object, you can opt for a compact and handy sandblaster. Conversely, if you have to work on a larger surface such as a fa├žade or floor, you will need to choose a more powerful sandblaster with a higher output abrasive flow rate.

3. Compressor air flow rate

The air flow rate of the compressor is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a sandblasting machine. To ensure an effective blasting operation, it is crucial that the sandblasting machine has an adequate air supply. Therefore, it is important to check that the air flow rate of the compressor is sufficient to meet the needs of the chosen sandblasting machine. If not, you will need to buy a more powerful compressor .

4. Weather conditions

Weather conditions are another important aspect to take into account while buying a sandblasting machine. For example, if you plan to use the machine in humid environments or with extreme temperatures, you will need to equip the compressor with an air handling system and a condensate separator on the sandblaster.

5. Possibility to work with free casting or with recovery

Finally, it is necessary to evaluate whether to work with a free jet or use a recovery system during the sandblasting process. The choice will depend on the specific needs of the project. If you want to achieve high speed in the removal of materials and can take care of the disposal of the waste generated, then free-jet work may be the best solution. On the contrary, if you want to reduce the environmental impact and recover the materials used during the sandblasting process, then it is better to opt for a recovery system that suits your needs.

6. Type of surface to be sandblasted

When looking for a sandblaster, it is crucial to first consider the material you intend to treat. This will determine the type of sandblaster you choose. If you work on delicate materials such as wood, for example, it is advisable to opt for a sandblaster capable of working at low air pressure, with extra fine granulometries of abrasive. For stronger materials such as metal, sheet metal, etc. Instead, you will need a more powerful blaster, which can provide a higher output abrasive flow rate and work at high operating pressures.


In conclusion, when deciding to buy a sandblasting machine, it is important to take into account several factors such as the location of the intervention, the size of the surface to be treated, the air flow rate of the compressor available and the weather conditions present on site. In addition, the type of material that will have to be treated with sandblasting must also be carefully evaluated.
By carefully choosing the right machine for your needs, optimal results will be guaranteed.