They are the perfect integrated solution for obtaining quality air and saving time, money and space.

The CPR Fevi dry two-stage piston compressors with belt drive are equipped with pre-installed and tank-mounted dryers. This configuration fully meets the needs of our recovery sandblasters.

All units are fixed, with capacities of 270 or 500 litres, and all models starting from 5.5 hp are available with star-delta starting.

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Further details

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  • Less installation time and lower costs
  • Reduced space requirements
  • Less movement of loose components
  • Less air loss
  • Piston technology of proven efficiency
  • Reliable dryer with high performance
  • Consistent air flows thanks to the large two-stage pumping units
  • Greater efficiency and reliability of tools with final aluminium cooling collector
  • Easy maintenance: quick cleaning and replacement of the filter, visual check of the oil level
  • Safety first thanks to the protection of the metal belt

Function of the air dryer

The compressed air produced by a compressor contains a certain amount of relative humidity, which may become condensed. A compressor that produces about 20 m³/s at 8 bar and works for 8 hours at 75%, aspirating air at 20°C with 70% relative humidity, will release about 80 litres of water into the line.
In the process of suction, the compressed air undergoes a first cooling in the air-air exchanger via dry and cold air.  The second cooling phase takes place inside the evaporator, where the air reaches the predetermined dew point.
All the condensate that is separated during cooling is treated and discharged automatically by a system of level sensors. Accordingly, the compressed air being output is properly dried, and is suitable for most industrial uses.

Model without dryer also available 

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