Software da taglio Flexi Letter per stampi e maschere per sabbiature

FlexiLETTER di SAi è un pacchetto di livello base per il layout e il taglio che include l'importazione ed esportazione dei file, la manipolazione del testo completa e driver diretti per i plotter da taglio vinile più popolari del settore.

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Further details

ulteriori dettagliFurther details


  • An economical solution for basic drawing and vinyl cut characters output.
  • Powerful text creation tools with interactive on-screen editing capabilities.
  • The interactive panes/ panel creation controls allow you to preserve media and save time.
  • Easily integrate your drawing into EnRoute to get 3D signage output with the “Send to EnRoute” command.
  • The industry's most powerful import filters give you the flexibility to import from the most common drawing applications.
  • Configure your cutter settings to get ready-to-use production on over 700 built-in cutter drivers.
  • The Workspace control allows users of other cutting software to set the workspace to look the same as other popular applications in the industry.


  • Configure your cutter settings to achieve ready-to-use output on over 700 built-in cutting plotter drivers.
  • The Workspace control allows users of other software to set up the workspace to look the same as other popular applications in the industry.
  • An entry-level price for a package that includes many additional designs, such as outlines, inner lines, shading and distortions.
  • Advanced text styles include Line, Arc, Path, and Vertical text that allow for creative formatting and drawing.

Intuitive and powerful cutting software

  • The user interface is known to be among the easiest to use and learn.
  • The industry's most powerful vinyl cutting layout and output package.
  • The user interface is designed based on the workflow of the activities and the cognitive process.

The next step

    • Upgrade the lower level of Flexi to FlexiLETTER.
    • Update an older version of FlexiLETTER.
    • Flexibility to upgrade at a later time to the higher levels of the Flexi FAMILY.
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