Graphtec CE7000 professional cutting plotter

Graphtec CE7000 is the new professional cutting plotter that combines the advanced features and high quality of Graphtec cutting plotters with an unmatched value for money. CE7000 has been designed to improve efficiency and productivity thanks to the continuous evolution of Graphtec technology and a specialised software for cutting operations, which ensure even greater processing speed and an incredibly simple user experience.

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Further details

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CE 7000-60 is available in the following configurations:

CE7000-60 : table version
CE7000-60 : pedestal version

The main features of Graphtec CE7000 - 60

  •  Powerful software tool included Graphtec Pro Studio for professional processing on vector files.
  • Maximum speed up to 1000mm / s (varies by model), maximum acceleration up to 21.2m / s2 (varies by model), maximum cutting pressure of 450gf (4.41N).
  • Cutting area suitable for each paper size (minimum cutting width 50mm; maximum width: 712mm).

  • Automatic panelling, a function created to avoid lateral skidding, thus obtaining a better cutting quality on formats greater than the maximum guaranteed precision length.
  • 3.7-inch LCD control panel for improved ease of use.

  • Drag system suitable for long jobs (Graphtec CE7000 supports jobs up to 15 metres long while maintaining stable drag and high cutting quality over the entire length).

  • Acquisition of files from a USB stick without using a computer.
  • “Data Link” function for continuous cutting, which allows cutting multiple jobs in sequence, even if they are different from each other, by creating specific bar codes.
  • Extended cutting area that includes objects outside the perimeter of the marks, for more efficient use of material and less waste



Graphtec Pro Studio

Easy to use application software, to create your own original graphics.
The program includes advanced features such as auto shapes, shading, editing. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other plotter settings.
Compatibility with EPS / Ai * 5 / CMX * 5 / PDF * 5 format files allows users to import pre-existing designs and drawings.

General Features:

 Supported OS: Windows10 / 8.1 / 8/7

  • Creating designs using automatic shapes, various types of lines etc.
  • Text editing (rotation, mirror, adaptation to the figure etc).
  • Automatic outline tracing (supports bmp, tiff, jpeg files).
  • Use of multiple plotters at the same time.
  • Support of EPS, DXF and other raster formats.
  • Level management
  • Cut by level or by colour.
  • Inclusion of stripping lines.


Main features of Graphtec Pro Studio

 Tiling (object splitting)
The object to be cut can be divided into smaller tiles. When the object needs to be placed on the surface made up of multiple panels or is larger than the width of the support, it can be divided to size to fit it.

Matrix copy
It is used to create multiple copies of the same object. The object is copied to the specified matrix condition.



Weed lines and boundary
The boundary line and weeding lines can be added automatically around the object to be cut and then it is cut. Facilitates the removal of excess material from the support.

Imports Adobe Illustrator / CorelDRAW files
It supports importing files in ai, cmx and other formats into Graphtec Pro Studio. Graphics created with popular design software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW can be imported without converting the file format. Cutting work can be performed using only Graphtec Pro Studio even if the design was created using Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.


Creates new lines (paths) in the space specified by the object.


Combines objects
It can modify overlapping objects using the effect ‘ single object’ or ‘multiple objects’  function.

Auto track
Imported bitmap (raster) images can be converted to vector objects. There is a powerful noise reduction function.


Graphtec Pro Studio Plus

This optional software has advanced features to optimise productivity and graphics creation. The software functions include: transformation of characters and graphics, creation of bar codes, nesting, management of the cutting direction and vector ordering.

General Features:

  • Warping, shading, text silhouettes.
  • Spelling check.
  • Filters for bitmap images.
  • Management of serial numbers, bar codes.
  • Power Nesting.
  • Cutting simulation (vector ordering change).
  • Management of levels or colours.
  • Added lines and borders for stripping.
  • Smart nesting.
  • Templates for rhinestone crystals.




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