PRESSURE 4.0
    The first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and 6-years full-service warranty.
  • SABIX 28
    SABIX 28
    It is the sandblasting and surface treatment system that returns the materials to their original state without damaging them.
    A multifunction sandblaster that bases its operating principle on the humidification of the sand before it comes out of the nozzle.
    It represents the expression of the absolute quality that has always been sought after by our company.
    Dry ice sandblaster, it is synonymous with ease of use and maximum cleaning performance, with low compressed air consumption.
    They solve any need related to the treatment of pieces of all sizes.
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Free blast sandblasting machines, Idrosandblasters, Graffiti removal, Facades Cleaning, Conservative Cleaning
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Building, Cleaning, Industry, Nautical, Stone, Bodywork
Air-hydro sandblaster without dust emission and with minimum water consumption

The Waterblast multifunctional sandblaster is based on the principle of operation on humidification of the sand

The main features are as follows:

  • gradual and constant reduction of dust quantity, up to total removal.
  • reduction of compressed air consumption (up to roughly 25%), proportional to the increase of water inserted in the air-abrasive mixture.


The system also allows:

  • automatic shut-off of water jet when the sandblaster is turned off
  • adjustment of water quantity by operators from the working area
  • constant water capacity of 2.5 litres/min. up to a maximum distance of 80 metres.
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The abrasive humidification benefits in free spray sandblasting are 5 at least:


  1. Dust collecting

By humidifying sand before spraying, one can halt dustiness produced by blast of air and stop whipped up dust produced by treatment of surfaces


  1. Higher safety for operators

Humidification allows to carry out sandblasting operations, avoiding contact with whipped up dust or harmful substances, protecting the operator and those who are in the workplace.


  1. Water waste reduction

Water Blast does not flood the area of intervention. It uses 2 litres per minute of water, only 
compared to 80 litres of a common hydro cleaning machine!


  1. A greater impact force on surfaces

The humidified granules of sand sprayed by the gun increase their own specific weight, producing a greater impact force and a higher removal performance.


  1. A reduction in management costs

Humidification consumes less air, less water, less abrasive...but most of all it allows to use low cost dusty sands which remarkably reduce management costs.



Air / Abrasive mixture
Water injection
Air / Water / Abrasive mixture
  • Air / Abrasive mixture
  • Water injection
  • Air / Water / Abrasive mixture



Why air-hydro sandblasting is better than common hydro sandblasting?

There are several reasons. It is important to underline that hydro sandblasting takes advantage of the venturi principle: by simply using a common hydro cleaning machine, one can get a mixture of water and abrasive.


N.B. The system may be powered by connection to water supply system or by means of water tank.


WATER BLAST a multifunctional sandblaster based on the principle of operation on sand humidification


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