PRESSURE 4.0
    The first recovery sandblaster connected to the Internet with a personal maintenance assistant and 6-years full-service warranty.
  • SABIX 28
    SABIX 28
    It is the sandblasting and surface treatment system that returns the materials to their original state without damaging them.
    A multifunction sandblaster that bases its operating principle on the humidification of the sand before it comes out of the nozzle.
    It represents the expression of the absolute quality that has always been sought after by our company.
    Dry ice sandblaster, it is synonymous with ease of use and maximum cleaning performance, with low compressed air consumption.
    They solve any need related to the treatment of pieces of all sizes.
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Bead Blaster Cabinets, Sandblasting machines with cabin
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Sandblaster - Pressure shot blasting machine

 Italjet PLUS sand blaster uses a "pressure" system to propel the abrasive. The abrasive is propelled by a special gun which is connected to a tank containing aggregate, by an abrasion resistant pipe. Delivery pressure of the tank generates the abrasive push throughout the pipe up to the gun; the abrasive comes out of the gun shaping a continuous, high-power and large-scale jet. (about 4/5 times higher than a corresponding standard vacuum sand blaster).

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In the rear Italjet Plus sand blaster is provided with a system called cyclone constantly recovering and removing the abrasive used. It is a two-way suction cyclone allowing to work with a wide range of abrasives.
Italjet Plus pressure sand blaster is provided with a filtration system with self-cleaning cartridges. Filtering devices are made of polyester, instead of paper, hence extremely solid. Timed cleaning occurs by a system of automatic blow moulding.

Each detail of Italjet Plus sand blaster is treated with the utmost care: a search for the best components ensures the best working conditions and safety for the operator, both in terms of structure and reliability.
Although concerning an industrial system, Italjet Plus sand blaster dimensions take up the minimum space required.

Thanks to the maximum compactness of the two units, it is always easy to find it a dedicated area in the work environment.




At 6 bars with a 4mm nozzle, consumption is about 1100 litres/1'. At a lower pressure, consumption proportionately decreases.


three-phase 400 Volts, 50 HZ, with approximately 24 Volt auxiliary circuits. The system is worked out according to the best technique and with components of ensured quality. All cables are identifiable according to instructions provided in wiring diagram. About 1,5 kW total power draw.




I would like to restore and renew alloy wheels..."





From a difficult request to a business opportunity

The 3R process arose from the experience gained by our company in the smart repair and car refinish sectors, and from our close collaboration with the largest manufacturers of paints and equipment for car bodies and repair shops.

The process of sandblasting and regeneration of alloy wheels with Italjet is part of a new type of offer addressed to the customer, aimed at enhancing the services offered and the consequent customer loyalty.

This path is based on the synergy between all the main workshop activities: from mechanics to electronics, from bodywork to tire service, all the way to the inexorable changes taking place in the world of car repairs.




A significant conclusion emerges from the most recent market analyses: namely, the growth of multi-service body shops and car repair shops organized to offer the customer full service, with the aim of achieving the following objectives:


  • Diversifying the business by serving more vehicles in the repair shop
  • Creating new opportunities for further checks and repairs
  • Improving flows by reducing operating costs and processing times
  • Increasing product quality and customer service
  • Reducing costs and waste in the production processes
  • Optimizing the management of spaces and work areas
  • Motivating staff by improving working conditions and worker satisfaction


In the market, the demand for Smart Repairs (fast repair techniques) highlights the need to operate with maximum speed and efficiency with regard to different kinds of activities, such as the repair of scratches, the removal of dents without painting, the repair of glass and windshields and the restoration of alloy wheels by sandblasting.









 “Our analyses and our experience confirm with certainty that the blasting process using Italjet improves treatment quality, allowing a 50% reduction in the time required for the preparation of the rim for new painting; it reduces the costs of labour and related consumables, and, consequently, reduces the time needed to deliver the car to the customer”
F. Viglioli


The Italjet Plus Cabin is composed of:





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    Made of an appropriate thick and, if necessary, reinforced steel plate to achieve a solid product free from deformation. Painted with baked epoxy: particularly resistant to abrasion.

    Provided with :

    • sandblasting steel-structured gun with tungsten carbonide nozzle (widia) with a 4mm hole.
    • blow gun to dust pieces after treatment.
    • side door to fix the structure carrying objectholder disc.

    • interlocks for safety preventing from sandblasting gun operation when door is open.
    • operating position provided with
      - window with laminated safety glass protected by aluminium barrel reinforcing mesh.
      - abrasion resistant gloves with gauntlets.
      - sandblasting gun pedal
    • 150 W halogen lamp to light work area.
    • front-side control panel on upper cap All electrical devices are on panel 
       - voltage warning signal
      - start push and vacuum arrest buttons
      - ignition switch of cabinet light
      - insufficient suction warning signal
      - timer
    • control panel located on the upper hood, on the front. All the electrical controls are grouped on the panel
      • voltage presence indicator
      • start and stop buttons of the aspirator
      • cabin light switch
      • insufficient suction warning light
      • hour counter
    • compressed air circuit equipped with:
      • three-way valve placed in the power supply. In one position it allows the power supply, in the other position it blocks the power supply, simultaneously unloading all the machine circuits
      • automatic drain filter / dehumidifier
      • Pressure regulator with pressure gauge

    •  suction control tool (vacuum switch).  This tool does not allow the activation of the sandblasting gun if there is not a sufficient degree of suction in the cabin. Its intervention is signalled by a light on the electrical control panel.

     abrasion-resistant rubber sheets on the internal walls of the processing area.



    Device provides for constant recovery and dust removing of abrasive. 360-SK model, a two-way suction device, provided with:

    - regulating suction devices.
    -  abrasion resistant rubber internal coating, 6 mm thick in abrasive circulation area.
    - mesh filter to spot possible rough residues.
    - abrasive loading door.

    Cyclone setting allows to work with a wide range of abrasives and to achieve effective dust removing


    Capacity of 24 litres and provided with all valves and controls for functioning, in particular:

    - excess pressure safety valve
    - abrasive flux regulating valve provided with decimal scale sector
    - compressed air flux regulating valve provided with decimal scale sector
    - air abrasive mixer valve
    - rapid depressuration valve. Valve rapidly discharges pressure from tank, immediately arresting sandblasting when the operator releases the pedal.

    When work process stops, abrasive is automatically refilled in tank, which takes approximately 15 seconds.


    Provided with self-cleaning cartridges and with a cleaning automatic system of filtering areas. F2C-9 filter model provided with 2 filtering cartridges. Total filtering area: 9 m2. Filter is provided with high head vacuum (1.5 HP).


La mandata in pressione del serbatoio genera la spinta dell’abrasivo che fuoriesce sviluppando un getto continuo , di grande potenza e portata

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    Our method is our identity, it is based on listening and dialogue with the customer, analysis of the needs and the consequent search for the appropriate and sustainable solution. 
    Respect for the environment, the health and safety of the operator, are the foundations that drive us every day to seek sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.
    Our business philosophy is based on research and innovation: principles aimed at improving our systems and identifying the best solution for the customer.