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The powered respirator helmet is the only power assisted device which can protect head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory system against dust and gases.

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Inhaled and filtered air is sent by a blower unit through a breathing tube to the inside of the helmet creating slight overpressure. The continuous flow of air prevents visor misting and removes breathing strain providing protection and comfort to the operator.

The device is quick and easy to be used even by less experienced workers. Lightness and ease allow a high degree of comfort during work operations.

Carefully selected top quality raw materials ensure the product over ten year average endurance.


Designed with double filter, it represents the best protection device not only against dust, liquid and solid aerosols, but also against organic vapours. The helmet noise level is among the lowest ones on the market. The respirator is the best solution for those who aim at full protection and intend to work independently for long periods.

  • Filters
    A2P3 classification against dust or combined dust and gases
  • Visor
    Openable, made in polycarbonate
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
    lighter, easier to conserve, no memory effect
  • Operating time
    8 hours thanks to higher performance lithium battery
  • Air flow
    MAX 20°C-60%UR* 230 l/min
    More air flow during whole work cycle, more comfort and constant helmet ventilation
  • Airflow meter
    The operator can regularly check airflow system operation
  • IP65 Rating
    protection against dust and water jets
  • Protective leather collar
    Cover protects against abrasive and any kinds of spurts.

The respirator is ideal for those who want complete protection and intend to work independently for prolonged periods


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    Our method is our identity, it is based on listening and dialogue with the customer, analysis of the needs and the consequent search for the appropriate and sustainable solution. 
    Respect for the environment, the health and safety of the operator, are the foundations that drive us every day to seek sustainable and low environmental impact solutions.
    Our business philosophy is based on research and innovation: principles aimed at improving our systems and identifying the best solution for the customer.