The first plant for the recovery of bronze and alloys

It assures the complete removal of the oxidation layer on the surface and the smoothing, painting and protection of the treated piece.

The process is obtained through the micro-jet of a special inert substance that in just a few minutes renews and restores the object without damaging its shape and structure. Afterwards, thanks to the use of a special pneumatic tool, the surface is smoothed out and the object is prepared for coating. The object is then brushed and painted to totally bring the piece back to its original state as concerns color, polish and long-lasting protection.

RecojetInternational MarmoMacc, Verona, Italy 2007

  • Total recovery of objects that otherwise would be disposed of
  • Very quick operation
  • Easy to do
  • Top quality and customizable finishing
  • Very low installation costs
  • Guaranteed resistance to wear

Treating the piece with Coriblast Air-brush application of Patinex

1.Treatment of piece with Coriblast

Coriblast is a special inert material able to remove the oxidation layer without changing the shape and the structure, and prepare the object for the new painting procedure, assuring high adherence. The shape and depth

2. Application of Patinex with air brush

Patinex is a brushable painting film. Its special features enhance the shape of the treated object.
Brushing through Finimax Applying Wall flex and Profilm

3. Brushing through Finimax

Finimax is a special pneumatic tool designed to brush and finish objects. It is fitted with a set of abrasive brushes, patented, with different inter-changeable grain sizes according to the desired finish.

4. Application of Wall Flex and Profilm

Wall FLex is a two-component painting film, with a crystal-effect resin. Thanks to its elasticity, it offers an effective anti-oxidation protection thus assuring excellent resistance in a saline mist.
Profilm is a synthetic anti-oxidation filming spray which holds the base protection layer. After being sprayed on the surface to protect, it creates a transparent plastic film that perfectly adheres to the object, isolating it against the aggression of atmospherics.


Besides supplying the Recojet unit, our company is also able to restore any piece of bronze, whatever the shape or model. We guarantee the total recovery of the piece. Reco-Service is a top quality service, totally reliable and punctual and we deliver throughout Italy.

Restoration of the work made in 1936 by Giuseppe Graziosi

Recojet is an innovative tool for the renovation and restoration of any piece in poor conditions. It is easy to use and has excellent working speeds.

Examples of the restoration of bronze sculptures

Recojet, machining examples

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