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sandblaster machines

For the sandblasting of marble, granite and glass, we make::
shotblasting machines,
sandblasting templates,

sandblasters for marble,

wood, glass, ceramic, antique-effect wood, engraving of marble granite, glass and ceramic,
sandblasters for glass,
continuous recirculation sandblasters,
pressure sandblasters,
regenerative sandblasters,

vacuum sandblasters,

Our sandblasters are ideal for cleaning jobs including the cleaning of metals, buildings, glass and stone.
Our sandblasters are ideal for surfaces requiring Cryogenic cleaning dry ice blasting methods

Maintenance and cleaning of industrial machinery, food processing machinery,and plastic products machinery using cryogenic cleaning methods

We supply within 24 hours the service of making photographic effect microfilm for the sandblasting of marble, granite, glass, crystal and ceramics
Decoration of tombs, engraving of tombs, engraving of gravestones, decoration of gravestones, inscriptions on gravestones, inscriptions using vinyl resin moulds, inscriptions in vinyl resin, mould service, ready-to-deliver inscription service, engraving of monuments, inscription on monuments

Spare parts for sandblasters,

spare accesssories for sandblasters, filter cartridges for sandblasters, widia nozzles vinyl resin templates for sandblasting, photographic effect film for microsandblasting on marble, granite, glass and crystal
Our pride in the fantastic results obtainable using this tecnique which we perfected ourselves
We provide software and cutting plotters for the making of vinyl resin moulds for sandblasting
We also supply accessories for sandblasting :
From abrasives to rolls of vinyl resin for sandblasting,
We supply tools for the application of dies and templates for sandblasting,