Free blast sandblasting machines SABIX

SABIX 8 lt SABIX 28 lt


The sandblasters Sabix are extremely simple and easy to use, they can work with low air flow rates, they are ideal for cleaning, sandblasting, micro sandblasting, restoration and engraving of any surface.

The operating pressure can vary from 1.5 to 7.8 bar depending on the type of treatment required, only the connection with compressed air is required, the components are completely pneumatic.

SABIX can use different types of aggregates:
Corundum, glass microspheres, glass granules, garnet, corn cob, quartzite, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate, vegetable granules, plastic granules, etc.






Tank autonomy: 8 liters 28 liters
Dimensions (mm):  500 x 600 x h. 1050 500 x 500 x h. 1200
Weight:  25 kg 50 kg
Widia nozzle   diam. 3 mm diam. 3 mm
Operating pressure adjustment: from 2.5 bar to 7.8 bar from 2.5 bar to 7.8 bar
Pressure safety valve > 7.8 bar > 7.8 bar
Air consumption at 7 bar:    550 Lt / minute  550 Lt / minute 
Wheeled base to facilitate movement
Work kit and 5 meter remote control
Operating pressure reducer
Remote control for start and stop
Pneumatic valve for abrasive mixing
13 x 21 mm anti-abrasion “sand” delivery pipe
Pneumatic shaker for tank vibration
Humidification kit for dust suppression
Protection mask Rc4

Tank pressure relief silencer

PCS self-ventilated helmet

Widia nozzle diam. 4 mm






Special Sabix Plus   Special Sabix Plus
Innovative pneumatic vibration system of the tank that allows the operator to use extremely fine grain sizes, suitable for cleaning and restoration.   Pneumatic mixing valve for regulating the quantity of inert material at the outlet
humidification kit   humidification kit
humidification kit, dust-free sandblasting   Protection mask Rc4




Video of the commissioning of the sandblaster Sabix 8



Below is an example of cleaning on a statue made of cement agglomerate

Inert used sodium bicarbonate
Operating pressure 4 bar
Integrated humidification kit






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