Cabjet 1600

Automatic Glass-Sandblasting Machine

Sabbiatrice automatica SK-1600

The machine consists of a centre body built in folded steel plate, shaped and bolted in such a way, as to form a load-bearing  body for the different devices. It works also as a closed cabin  for the cut-out doors, the dust exhaust and the filters, as well as the sleeve inlets and outlets. 
This cabin has two side openings, protected by  very thick anti-dust brushes and by rubbers, which serve to introduce the glass plates to be treated.
The machine is open at the top in order to be able to treat glass plates exceeding the measure of  1600 mm. The glass plate to be treated is supported by sleeve inlets equipped with motorised conveyor belt in
non-cutting material. The automatic conveyor belt allows the motion and therefore the introduction of the glass plate into the cabin for treatment.
The back of the cabin, hopper-shaped, allows the sand to pile and be sucked through a critical flow venturi system, so that  subsequently, the said sand may be used by the purpose-built spraying nozzles .
The spraying nozzles can be one or more. This determines the machine’s power and therefore, sandblasting speed. The basic automatic version, has 1 automatic spraying nozzle mounted on it, so to guarantee good speed of production and excellent widespread sandblasting , without excessively penalising air consumption. This version also has  another spraying nozzle for manual sandblasting. A motorised arm, called  “Reciprocating Arm”, because of its alternating movement,  moves the spraying nozzles from bottom to top and vice versa in the area to be sandblasted. This area is conveniently programmed and planned through the purpose-built commands  situated on the control panel. 
A vertical support -grid, adequately protected by mini-brushes, so as not to line the glass, sustains the glass plate during treatment. The front door is for loading the sand, for sandblasting any eventual small pieces and for internal inspection of the machine. This door has a transparent window situated in a central position and a side opening, adequately  protected, for manual sandblasting. 
At the back of the machine, you find a bay connected to the cabin through

siphon-shaped openings. This bay is a filter for the dust and contains 10 sleeve-filters of a special polyester texture; there is also, a centrifugal fan for dust suction and a particular system of  “backwashing”  which automatically keeps the filters clean.


Machine size Length   4700 mm
Width    1500 mm
Height    2820 mm

Minimum Accepted Size for Treatment

200 X 200 mm
Acceptable Thickness for Treatment 2-30 mm

Acceptable Height for Treatment  (in any single phase)

1600 mm
Working Speed 3-6 minutes x 1 m ² (variable depending on the kind of sand used, on the intensity and quality of work demanded, and on the number of nozzles in operation)

Power supply (others on request)

400 V – 50 Hz 3 phases (others on request)
Installed Power 1,5 kW
Compressed Air Supply 6-8 Atm
Compressed air consumption from each nozzle about 500 litres/minute
Basic Nozzle Supply 3 automatic nozzles + 1 manual nozzle
Total Weight 800 kg
Automatic Program  for glass coats along the whole axle X OPTIONAL



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