When sandblasting is environment-friendly...

sabbiatrice ecologic SABIX

Convenient, environment-friendly and…practical.

The SABIX project was developed to meet the most diverse sandblasting requirements, for example when there is the need to work efficiently and easily at low pressures. SABIX is a professional tool made with the best components, to assure top quality performances. Thanks to an innovative tank closing system, SABIX is able to operate also with limited air flow rates, generally produced by small single-phase compressors. Operating pressure can vary between 0.5 bar to 08 bar, according to the power of the compressor working with the sandblasting machine.



Technical features

Dimension cm H 90  x 50 x 40
Capacity 08 lt
Weight 20 kg
Air consumption 200/500 l min
Operating pressure 0,05 - 08 bar
Widia nozzle diam 1.5 mm / 3 mm

Sabbiatrici Sabix


Why choose SABIX?

  • SABIX offers the possibility of operating without using bulky generators or motor-driven compressors.
  • SABIX is effective on all surfaces, stones, bricks, marble, granite, travertine, wood, glass, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.
  • SABIX is ideal for the renovation of all delicate surfaces.
  • SABIX is compact, lightweight, easy to handle and trailer-mounted.
  • SABIX is environment-friendly, it uses special natural inert material such as EcoblastGarblast
  • SABIX is supplied with:
    • A protection mask RC4,
    • di 25 kg di Garblast,



Standard accessories

A protection mask RC4

25 kg di Garblast

maschera di protezione RC4


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