Recovery sandblaster SABIX R

Features sandblasting unit
Dimensions  cm   H 90  x 50 x 80
Capacity 08 lt
Weight 40 kg
Air consumption 200/500 lt min
Operating pressure 1.5 - 7.8 bar
Nozzle widia diam.3 mm
  • Cast gun body
  • 1200 w single-phase suction motor
  • Polyester cartridge filter
  • Stainless steel drum to collect the abrasive in use
  • Work kit and 5 meter remote control
  • Operating pressure reducer
  • Wheeled base to facilitate movement
  • Safety valve for pressure> 7,8 bar
  • Remote control for start and stop
  • 13 x 21 mm anti-abrasion “sand” delivery pipe
*Optional:Free jet sandblasting humidification kit
Features suction unit
Power  1500 W
Voltage  220 / 240 V 50 Hz
Air flow rate  306 m3/h
Max depression  2230 mm H2O
Drum capacity  41 Lt
Filtering surface  5000 cm2
Noise level  72db
Dimensions (L x W x H)  380 x 390 x 800 mm
Weight  21 Kg
Filter shaker  Semi automatic
Filtration class  M / H



The sandblasting station Sabix R arises from the need to carry out sandblasting operations directly on site, without the aid of bulky compressors and power generators which undoubtedly limit this type of intervention.

Sabix R represents a novelty in the field of recovery sandblasting, this series is suitable for carrying out small-scale sandblasting operations on site.The recovery sandblasting system makes it possible to recover the used abrasive in the appropriate collection tank and retain the dust produced during sandblasting, through an effective suction system with cartridge filter.




*The system ? also equipped as standard with the free jet sandblasting kit?






Thanks to an innovative tank closure system with Sabix R it is possible to exert an operating pressure of 4 bar with only 385 liters of air made available.
The sandblasting unit Sabix R is made up of an 8 lt tank with remote control, cast gun body, 3 mm diameter tungsten carbide nozzle, abrasive mixing valve, operating pressure reducer.
Sabix R is particularly suitable for use in civil structures equipped with a single-phase 3 Kw 220 volt domestic meter, as it allows sandblasting with the supplied 3 mm nozzle at an operating pressure between 1.5 and 4 bar, with an autonomy of work from 5 to 15 minutes, before recharging the abrasive in use.

Recovery gun body
Polyester cartridge filter

Recovery gun body





* The sandblasting machine Sabix R can be supplied with single-phase electrocompressor or with petrol engine compressor



Twin cylinder head in cast iron with stainless steel valves.Single-phase oversized electric motor with strong starting torque and manual-reset thermal protection.Group equipped with handles and two wheels, suitable for services on construction sites and rough places.
  Motor compressor
High performance compressor with 4-stroke petrol engine.Pull starter with self-winding rope.Single-stage twin cylinder head with high air efficiency cast iron cylinder.Automatic vent and vacuum valve that maintains constant pressure in the tank.Complete with filter-reducer-lubricator, glycerine pressure gauge and distributor with multiple connections.A practical and manageable frame equipped with pneumatic wheels makes it suitable for use in agriculture.




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