Sandblaster Cabin - ITALJET PLUS shot blasting machine - 3R Process

"I would like to restore and renew alloy wheels..."

From a difficult request to a business opportunity

The 3R process arose from the experience gained by our company in the smart repair and car refinish sectors, and from our close collaboration with the largest manufacturers of paints and equipment for car bodies and repair shops.

The process of sandblasting and regeneration of alloy wheels with Italjet is part of a new type of offer addressed to the customer, aimed at enhancing the services offered and the consequent customer loyalty.

This path is based on the synergy between all the main workshop activities: from mechanics to electronics, from bodywork to tire service, all the way to the inexorable changes taking place in the world of car repairs.


A significant conclusion emerges from the most recent market analyses: namely, the growth of multi-service body shops and car repair shops organized to offer the customer full service, with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • Diversifying the business by serving more vehicles in the repair shop
  • Creating new opportunities for further checks and repairs
  • Improving flows by reducing operating costs and processing times
  • Increasing product quality and customer service
  • Reducing costs and waste in the production processes
  • Optimizing the management of spaces and work areas
  • Motivating staff by improving working conditions and worker satisfaction

In the market, the demand for Smart Repairs (fast repair techniques) highlights the need to operate with maximum speed and efficiency with regard to different kinds of activities, such as the repair of scratches, the removal of dents without painting, the repair of glass and windshields and the restoration of alloy wheels by sandblasting.


“Our analyses and our experience confirm with certainty that the blasting process using Italjet improves treatment quality, allowing a 50% reduction in the time required for the preparation of the rim for new painting; it reduces the costs of labour and related consumables, and, consequently, reduces the time needed to deliver the car to the customer”
F. Viglioli

Italjet plus sandblaster

Speed of execution

The Italjet sandblaster uses the “pressure” system, in which the abrasive is released by a special gun connected to a tank containing the inert material via an anti-abrasion tube. Putting the tank under pressure pushes the abrasive through the tube to the application gun

Uniform treatment

The surface is struck by the abrasive that comes out of the body of the gun, developing a continuous jet of great power and capacity, which, unlike regular sanding, is able to reach any area of the rim with extreme ease.

Variable types and intensity of the treatment

The Italjet sandblaster’s versatility allows the operator to perform different treatments on the rim surface: heavy sandblasting, light sandblasting, micro sandblasting, shot blasting and micro shot blasting

Minimum size

The Italjet sandblaster, even though it is a device for industrial use, takes up minimal space. Thanks to the maximum compactness of the two units, a feature which distinguishes this system, it is easy to find a dedicated area for it inside the workshop.

Great versatility

With the practical loading system for the rim, the operator only needs to close the side door, and is already in an optimal position to manage the sandblasting operations inside the cabin compartment. At the end of the sandblasting phase, it is possible to dust the rim thanks to a convenient blow gun.

The 3R Optionals process

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