Pressure Blaster Plus

Suction blaster


The Pressure Blaster Plus suction blaster was designed for meeting the needs of suction blasting on large surfaces.   The unit is made of 24 L tank which, when under pressure, allows air and abrasive to mix and reach the surface being treated.

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The system uses a handle with an internal brush which enables the suctioning and recycling of the abrasive being used, and the consequent separation of dust.  Aspiration occurs with the three-phase HSB 300 which is on the side of the pressure blasting unit.

Filter cleaning is guaranteed by an innovative reverse flow system.

The suction force of the HSB 300transports the removed material to a sealed bagthat lets dust be removed without the user ever having to come in contact with the debris.

The Pressure Blaster plus  unit may come with a pneumatic mixer (optional) for measuring the abrasive, assisted by a vibrator which will enable the use of even very fine granulated substances.  


Pressure blaster specifications

  • 24 L tank
  • Widia nozzle 4, 5, 6, and 7 mm in diameter
  • Anti abrasion tubing
  • Air consumption, 7 bar, from 700 - 6,000 L/min
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 1400 h
  • Cart for easy movement
  • Faster sandblasting without dust
  • Low air consumption (7.5 HP compressor is sufficient)
  • Regulate blast power from 2.5 - 10 bar
  • Abrasive nozzle made of tungsten carbide (Widia)
  • Convertible free jet sandblasting


Aspiration unit specifications

  • Pressure (vol.): 230/400
  • Power (kW): 3
  • Maximum depression (mm H2O): 3,100
  • Flow limiting valve (2,000 mm H2O): : 3,100
  • Maximum air flow (m3/h): 320
  • Sound level in dB (A): 74
  • Capacity (L): 70
  • Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 1700


Recommended abrasive Advised exerted pressure Width of sand line Duration of sandblasting cycle ě of usable nozzle
mesh 24¸80
4¸6 bar 40¸45 mm. 10¸15 min. mm. 5-6-7
Glass microspheres 150/250¸400/800 4¸6 bar 40¸45 mm. 10¸15 min. mm. 5-6-7
Metallic granules granulometria 0,3¸0,7 6¸7 bar 40¸45 mm. 10¸15 min. mm. 5-6



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