The Pressure Blaster MAX self-recovery sandblaster

The Pressure Blaster MAX self-recovery sandblaster

corpo pistola a recupero

The Pressure Blaster MAX self-recovery sandblaster is the result of the quest for high-quality products in the self-recovery sandblasting industry. The vacuum unit, equipped with brand-new self-cleaning technology, is extremely important.

The sandblasting unit is powered by a single-phase vacuum with three cartridge filters. These are thoroughly cleaned periodically by an innovative cleaning system located inside the vacuum.

The sandblasting system is equipped with a handle complete with a front brush to recover and recycle the abrasive used and separate the dust generated by the operation.

A specific cyclone located on the top part of the sandblaster makes it easy to recycle the abrasive and collect the waste material in the tank.

Sandblasting Unit

Vacuum Unit

Tank 24 lt
Tungsten Carbine Nozzle diam. 4 – 5 mm
Anti-abrasive tubes
Air consumption at 07 bar from 700 L/min-2000 L/min.
Dimensions: 800x800xh1400
Wheeled base for easier handling
Quick sandblasting with no dust
Low air consumption (a 7.5 hp compressor is enough)
Adjustable sandblasting power between 2.5 bar and 8 bar
Tungsten Carbine nozzle
Can be converted into free blast sandblaster

Power 3000 W
Voltage 220 / 240 v 50 Hz
Filter Shaker      Auto
Airflow 476 M3/h
Max depression 2560 mm H20
Capacity 62 Lt
Weight 25 Kg




Corpo pistola a recupero

corpo pistola a recupero


Recommended abrasive        Advised pressure     Width of sand line      Duration of cycle       Nozzle Ø

mesh 24-80

4-6 bar 40-45 mm 10-15 min mm-5-6-7

Glass microbeads

4-6 bar 40-45 mm 10-15 min mm-5-6-7
Metal granules particles
6-7 bar 40-45 mm 10-15 min mm-5-6



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