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The Pressure TOP sandblaster is an expression of the absolute quality that has always been the goal of our company.

From the synthesis of the two FEVI divisions, sandblasting and industrial vacuuming, the best sandblasting recovery system on the market was born after 15 years of our company's history.
The Pressure TOP system was undoubtedly conceived keeping quality in mind for each component used. The set is characterized by a 60-liter pressure tank and a self-cleaning industrial vacuum turbine.

Thanks to the innovative Lautos vacuum system, the ability to separate and retain the processing waste is high. The effective, patented, self-cleaning mechanism of the filtering system ensures the maintenance of the depression value generated by the turbine, even during use in a continuous cycle.

With Pressure TOP it is possible to use any type of abrasive: plant granules, microbeads, grit, baking soda, corundum, garnet ...

The system of pneumatic mixing of the abrasive, together with the tank’s vibration system, also allows the use of very fine particle sizes, without any threat of clogging or leakage discontinuity. An extraordinary quality of adjustable and modular sandblasting in multiple conditions follows it, in favor of multiple treatments


Sandblasting Units

  • Autonomy 60 lt.
  • Tungsten Carbine Nozzles Available with Diameters 03/04/05/06 mm
  • Pneumatic Shaker
  • Pneumatic Mixer
  • Pressure Reducer
  • Pressure Exhaust Silencer
  • Cyclone for Dust Separation
  • Dimensions
    A 470 mm
    B 1600 mm
    C 675 mm
    D 600
  • Weight kg 104


Lautos Vacuuming Unit LS 300/70

    • Strength 03 kw
    • Tension 230+ 400V-3P+N+T
    • Airflow m3/h 320
    • Depression max 320 mBbar
    • Capacity 70 lt.
    • Dimensions 80 x 60 x H 162 cm




corpo pistola a recupero
Handheld Sandblast Recovery

corpo pistola a recupero
Cyclone Separator

motore con filtro
Dust Entry Bypass
motore con filtro
Air Intake Filter
motore con filtro
Pneumatic Mixer
gruppo valvole
Pressure Reducers and Pneumatic Shaker




The innovative Mobil Blaster ®

The innovative " Mobil Blaster ® " unit that can be mounted onto FeVi Aspire Blasters and Pressure Blasters offers:
A significant friction reduction on the vinyl mask
Perpendicular and homogeneous sandblasting on the surface
Easy maneuverability  Reduced wear of expendable materials

Deposited and patented model

Carrello  Mobil Blaster ®

Supporting arm


Thanks to this arm the blaster is really easy to use and handlece



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