Complete Blaster M

Stazione di Sabbiatura


M Complete Blaster

The sandblasting station is composed of:


The Complete Blaster was born out of the need to sandblast directly on site, without the use of large compressors and electric generators, that without a doubt limit these types of jobs.

Also available (optional): 
Humidifier kit,
for no-dust blasting.

The Complete Blaster is particularly suitable for use in public buildings that have a 3 kW - 220 V power supply. This will allow for blasting with the provided 3 mm nozzle at a constant pressure between .05 - 4 bar, with a work time of around 5 - 15 minutes, allowing for the following surface treatments to be carried out:





Construction and Art

Metal cleaning

Surface treatments

Wood treatments

Nautical work



Construction and Art

Art restorers

Conservative operations in historic buildings

Remodeling companies

Development and remodeling of public buildings

Painters, decorators, and plasterers

Strip wall coverings, frames, railings, banisters, etc.

Marble workers

Incisions and blasting on marble, granite, stone, etc.


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Metal cleaning

Industrial body work

Strip, restore, and maintenance for automobiles

Industrial vehicle dealers: tank and cistern maintenance companies

Strip, remove rust, buildup, calcium deposits, remove various corrosive substances

Industrial carpentry

Prepare iron and and non-iron materials for treatment

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Surface treatments

Cleaning companies

Remove lead and more

Restorative cleaning

Cleans buildup on work floors, grills, ovens, etc.

Light construction

Restore various types of floors

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Antiquing; restores and repairs hard, precious woods; treat furniture and antique items.

Decorative woodwork

Strip hard and soft wood frames

Maintain wood boats

Clean, maintain, and treat wood hulls

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Nautical work


Treat boat hulls

Clean motors

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