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The new Italjet bead blasting and sandblasting machines are the result of our continued research, and are the latest innovation in terms of structure, versatility, and methods of use.



Italget-apertura vano cabina



  • PRESSURE sandblasting system
  • Easy access when inserting the item to be treated
  • Great visibility
  • Immediate replacement of the abrasive in use


STRUCTUREItaljet is made of three modular units:

Serbatoio in pressione Vano cabina di recupero Impianto di depolverazione
Pressure tank Blasting cabinet Dust filtration unit

VERSATILITYAllows the user to choose:

  • Amount of abrasive
  • Internal work area
  • Dust absorption rate

DETAILS - Italjet

  • Dimensions starting at 500 mm x 800 mm x 1600 h
  • Internal work area starting at 750 mm x 400 mm x 500 h
  • 8 L pressure tank
  • 3 mm diameter Widia nozzle
  • 880 x 580 mm layered glass screen
  • Internal lighting
  • AISI 304 Steel screen mesh protector 
  • Blast cabinet dusting gun
  • Pneumatic start pedal
  • Perforated AISI 304 Stainless steel flooring
  • Blast cabinet gas regulator system
  • Ignition with safety stop
  • Silent dust aspiration system
  • Lined protective gloves
  • Cured epoxy paint


Sabix Plus particolare Sabix Plus particolare
Pneumatic abrasive mixing system Anti spill pneumatic shaker


Italjet - right side view Italjet - left side view

Italjet - vista laterale dx



Italjet - vista laterale sx



Italjet - Blast chamber opening Italjet - Glass screen
Italjet - Apertura vano cabina

Internal workspace starting at 750 mm x 400 mm x 500 h


Italjet - Schermo in vetro

Layered glass screen,
880 x 580 mm, with AISI 304 steel protective grid


Italjet - Nozzle Italjet - Gas opening system

Italjet - Ugello

Blasting gun with 3 mm
Widia nozzle


Italjet - Sistema di apertura a gas

Blast cabinet gas
opening system


Italjet - anti-flip system Italjet - anti-flip system

Italjet - Sistema anti-ribaltamento

Opening with anti-flip
safety stop (image 1)


Italjet - Sistema anti-ribaltamento

Opening with anti-flip
safety stop (image 1)


Italjet - Operator protection Italjet - On
Italjet - Protezione operatore

Lined protective gloves


Italjet - Avvio

Pneumatic start pedal


Italjet - Abrasive collector Italjet - Components
Italjet - Recupero abrasivo

Practical abrasive
collection system


Italjet - Componenti

Pressure gauge, pressure reducer, steam dryer
and safety valve


Italjet - Safety Italjet - Paint

Italjet - Sicurezza

Abrasive flow safety stop


Italjet - Vernice

Cured epoxy paint and
anti wear rubber wall


Italjet - Debris removal Italjet - Debris removal

Italjet - Depolverazione

Silent vacuum base with filter and dust collection tank


Italjet - Depolverazione

Washable polyester filter




ITALJET PRESSURE SANDBLASTING - because it's the best...

The pressure system, along with compressed air, allows any type of abrasive to flow in one solution. This guarantees a continuous and uninterrupted mix in large quantities.
Most systems on the market offer a "reverse pressure" system that use Venturi principles, allowing the aspirated abrasive to reach the current of compressed air. This generates a discontinuous mix, far inferior to the pressure system.

Pressure system advantages:

  • Uniform consistency of the abrasive jet
  • At least 5 times better range with the abrasive
  • At least 5 times better execution speed
  • Possibility to regulate the abrasive outflow



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