R Complete Blaster

Sabbiatrice Complete blaster


 Complete Blaster R sandblasting station consists of :

  • Sandblaster Sabix R complete of a 4 m tube for abrasive material and inlet nozzles, 1.5 mm/3 mm in diameter.
  • 2.2 Kw/220 volt single phase, electro-compressor set on wheels supplied with 24 litre tank
  • Conversion Kit for free impulse mode sandblasting
  • 10 meter fitted junction pipe

Corpo pistola a recupero
Filtro a cartuccia in polyestere

corpo pistola a recupero


 Complete Blaster R sandblasting station offers the chance of on the spot sandblasting recovery system interventions, without  the help of cumbersome compressors and power generators which undoubtedly hinder this kind of treatment.

Complete Blaster Ris especially  suited for use in civil engineering structures equipped with a 3 Kw / 220 volts, single phase domestic energy meter, as it allows sandblasting -,with the enclosed 3 mm. nozzle, at constant pressure ranging between 0,5 and 4 bar. The working range spans from 5 minutes to about quarter of an hour, therefore allowing the completion of the following surface treatments:

Conversion Kit to free impulse mode


Available as  an option: 
Humidifier Kit, 
sandblasting in the absence of dust

Free Impulse Mode Conversion Kit



Construction and Arts

Metal Cleaning  
Surface Treatments  
Wood Treatments  
Nautical Sector  


Construction and Arts

Art work Restoration Technicians

Preservation Maintenance Work in Historical Buildings

Restoration Companies

Recovery and restoration of privately owned civil engineering wall-structures /State-owned public wall-structures

House Painters, Decorators and Plasterers

Paint Removal, textured paints, door and window frames, gratings, railings, etc.

Marble Workers

Marble, granite, stone engraving and sandblasting, etc. etc.







Metal Cleaning

Industrial bodywork maintenance

Paint Removal, repair and maintenance of  motor vehicles

Industrial Vehicles Licensed Dealers: Company specialised in the maintenance of tanks and containers

Paint  Removal, rust removal, removal of lime incrustations  removal of various different corrosive substances

Industrial Carpentry

Preparation and subsequent treatment and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous pieces






Surface Treatments

Contract Cleaners

Graphite and various other removals

Catering-services Hygiene and Health Service

Incrustations of work-tops, grills, cooking rings, etc.

Light Building

Restoration of different kinds of  floor






Wood Sector

Restoration Work

Antiqued, repair and restoration of hardwood and quality wood, antique furniture and items treatment .

Carpenters decorators

Paint removal from hardwood and softwood frames

Wooden Boats Maintenance

Cleaning, maintenance and treatment of wooden hulls







Cantiere nautico

Hull Treatments

Cleaning of ship power plants









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