Sand Blaser Fe.Vi. Continuous cycle sandblaster

Sand Blaser Fe.Vi.
Continuous cycle sandblaster

Double chamber sandblaster with a capacity of 50 litres (26 + 24 litres), external diameter 600mm: 600 mm. H=1300 + 700mm: of the continuous cycle type, which allows you to work with one outlet keeping the tank pressure high

The machine is formed by two containers for the abrasive, joined and placed on top of each other, of which, the lower one is always at a high pressure after receiving the abrasive from the container above.
At the same pressure level, the abrasive passes from the upper container to the lower one, thus allowing continual refilling.

The exchange system of the chamber is managed by two level probes (supplied by us) corresponding to electric timers.
The sandblasting machine can operate up to a max. pressure of 8 bar. The machine is supplied with:

  • no.2 handles
  • no.1 independent outlet for no. 1 hose with 1.¼” valve for abrasive mod. PRV6
  • no.1 air inlet pneumatic 1.½” valve N:C:
  • no.1 probe control panel
  • no.1 collection pit with a 50 lt. Capacity, with led and overflow pipe
  • work kit 5/25/18
  • 4x40 tungsten carbide  cylindrical core
  • no. 1 express 1” M


    Circular abrasive cyclone regenerator, coated internally with anti-wear material, separates the dusts of the abrasive salvaged from the bottom of the hopper of your cabin using a flexible pipe connected to the dry filter complete with high resistance kit mod. HDK55.
    Cyclone mod. CRO also has an adjustable bar complete with capsule and special holes placed on the same level which allows you: to increase or decrease the particle-size analysis of the discarded dust.
    A special pierced sheet sieve with a pneumatic vibrating system separates the biggest abrasive waste.
    The cyclone is supplied by us complete with lifting hooks, handles for transporting it by forklift, curve dimension 100mm: coated with anti-wear material. To use the cyclone mod. CRO it is necessary to plan the coupling of the blaster complete with high resistance kit.


  • Circular section dust blaster among the best on the market in terms of the cleaning of the cartridge, which is carried out through the injection of jets of compressed air into the cartridge by a venturi nozzle, with an automatic cycle controlled by a special timer box, guaranteeing the expelled filtered air vent a maximum residue of dust lower than 5mmgr/N mc. S.

Filter surface : 50 mq
Filter equipment: n.3 cartridge H=1000 in polyester
Compressed air consumption 6 bar max : 300 lt/min.
Emission: lower than 5 mmgr/N mc.
Electronic card voltage 3 pos. : 24 Volt. c.a.


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