Sand-blaster machine with a pressure-recycle

Sand-blaster machine with a pressure-recycle (see into the side-picture) or with a depression recycle. Available either pressure-sand blasting machines or with a depression system, both suitable to every kind of surfaces and with a powerful, careful action, even if with simple use. All these qualities enable you to check continuously the product during its realization thanks to a big and enlightened view of the cab and a costant improvement of the system itself, filtration and abrasive recycle.

  • Blasting of both small and wide plates, up to 120 mm. thick
  • Side and top openings, to be used for wide plates, with conveyor rollers fitted on watertight bearings
  • Fully opening front shutter, to be used for small plates, with internal supporting surface
  • Cyclone system for powder separation and total recovery of abrasive
  • Low air consume (it can work with a 5.5 Hp compressor)
  • Plate-racks, which can be separated from the box according to the available space
  • 100 Watt halogen lamp for work area lighting
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • Stratified security front glass
  • Box painted in furnace-burnt epoxy powders, in order to secure the highest standing to wear

Unit for the horizontal movement (translation):

  1. horizontal translatory motion range up to 600 mm.;
  2. movement amplitude and speed adjustable through ending stroke;
  3. translatory motion by means of a motor-variator;
  4. the operator can adjust the cycle through a counting control circuit electric device, in order to pass the machine over the sandblasting surface several fixed times;

Unit for the vertical movement (oscillation):

  1. vertical oscillation range up to 600 mm.;
  2. movement amplitude and speed adjustable through ending stroke
  3. vertical oscillatory motion by means of a pneumatic cylinder;
  4. electric control device to set the timer-adjustable cycle;

Motorizing unit for the conveyor (internal and external) rollers:

  1. foot-controlled lever movement obtained through a motor-variator in order to choose the best advancing speed, suitable for the requested treatment



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