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Recycling pressure sandblasting booth

Sand-blaster machinerecycle with a pressure system . Suitable to every kind of surfaces and with a powerful, careful action, even if with simple use. All these qualities enable you to check continuously the product during its realization thanks to a big and enlightened view of the cab and a costant improvement of the system itself, filtration and abrasive recycle.

  • Dimensions mm 2400 x 1500 x 1900 H
  • Side feeding for double seal sheets
  • External rolling machine detachable from booth
  • Anti-fall tilting sliding table
  • Vertical table, adjustable according to the thickness of the sheet
  • Airtight stainless steel rolling machine for sheets
  • Inside booth self-cleaning system
  • Abrasive tank, capacity 25 lt
  • Cyclone system for particle separation
  • Single-cartridge compressed air self-cleaning filter
  • 10 sq. m. filtering surface
  • Extractible collection tray for machining rejection
  • Anti-wear gloves with bellows, high maneuverability
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • Extractible methacrylate glass shield
  • Cor

The sandblasting system has a grip with front brush that allows for the collection and recycling of the abrasive used and the subsequent separation from the particles. The particles are collected through an industrial suction systems (placed inside the structure) capable of supporting the plant constantly without maintenance intervals.

incisione di 10mm di profondità realizzata con la sabbiatrice a pressione Pressure Blaster-ingrandimento
10 mm –deep engraving done with the Pressure Blaster unit
effetto anticatura-bocciardatura su granito-ingrandimento-
effetto anticatura-bocciardatura su granito
lavorazione antiscivolo di granito-inmgrandimento-
antique finishing -bushhammering effect on granite
decorazioni tramite sabbiatura ad effetto fotografico su marmo e graniti-clik per ingrandire-
decorations done through sandblasting with photographic effect on marble and granite





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