Aspire blaster

Recycling sandblasting

sabbiatrici a recupero, sabbiatrici a ricicli ASPIRE BLASTER Our depression-recycling sand-blasting machine can work effectively on each surface. Its main feature is its handle with a fore brush which allows to recover the abrasive substance and to separate it from the powder.
  • New and effective system for separating abrasive from powder
  • Powder separating filter with collecting drawer
  • Low air consume (it can work with a 4 Hp compressor)
  • 1200 Watt suction engine
  • Blasting power regulator ranging from 2 to 10 BAR


Mobil Blaster ®

The innovative " Mobil Blaster ® " unit that can be mounted onto FeVi Aspire Blasters and Pressure Blasters offers:

Modello depositato e brevettato
Carrello  Mobil Blaster ®
Supporting arm


Thanks to this arm the blaster is really easy to use and handle

Taking just a few minutes, it is possible to make written and pictorial engraving on the slabs using the templates for sandblasting. Working the slab is rendered quicker and easier.

Sand blasting light on the glass


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