Dust reduction

The ventilation system constantly makes the dust and waste flow downwards assuring excellent visibility inside the cabin. This is how it works:

• dry, using cartridges with large filtering surfaces. They are cleaned through continual washing through jets of compressed air.

The cartridges we install inside the dust reduction unit are of the type with upper loading. The operator does not have to access the inside of the unit during the routine maintenance operations (in compliance with the American standards)

Note: the dust reduction unit is able to assure a dust residue in the exhaust device lower than 3MMgr/N m³

Operating cabin 17x7x6H
Dust reduction unit 20 C

Operating cabin 20x6x4,5H
Dust reduction unit Mq. 400

Operating cabin 15x5x4,7H
Dust reduction unit 10 C with silencer

Operating cabin 16x6x6.5-h.
Dust reduction unit 10C


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