SAB JET numerically-controlled sandblaster


Fe.Vi. Sabbiatrici Pressure Plus


Sab jet has an innovative design, due to the use of high quality materials.
Sab jet is a Sandblasting Work-Centre, conceived to guarantee the simplest way of operation. 

Thanks to an independent management software, the machine does not need to be connected to any computer and therefore, it is very easy to use, even for those people who do not like computers very much.
SAB JET  is the automatic sandblasting station which works on its own
The operator must take care of just placing the plate to be engraved underneath the machine.

The Plate (whichever thickness, size and weight it may have) during the process, may rest upon a special trolley, totally safe.

Loading of plate accessible  from three sides .

The working zones  are acquired in an automated fashion and are unlimited. The control panel is simple and intuitive, for everybody to understand.

Thanks to a recycling system of the abrasive used and to an efficient turbine-powered dust suction  machine , you can sandblast many plates without having to replace expensive tools.

The  cleaning of the filters and the separation from the process-related scrap, take place autonomously .


Sandblasting quality is high and the definition is guaranteed on all surfaces even the irregular and uneven ones.






Base painted, arc-welded, tubular structure 
Working Arm (axle Y) load-bearing structure in extruded aluminium 
Axle Z pneumatic point operation with manual regulation of running process 
Axle Z pneumatic cylinder motion  with manual regulation of height . 
All axles are protected by bellows in plastic material
The machine is equipped with casing as a completion of the structure.
Working Area 1000x1000 mm 
Axle Z 150 mm
Axle X motion through engine  + reduction gear + toothed belt (sliding on wheeled nozzle guides  suitably sized in order to sustain axle Y) 
Axle Y motion through engine  + reduction gear + toothed belt  (sliding on recirculating ball roller guides suitably sized to sustain axle Z )
Axle Speed in fast mode 10Mt/min
Working Speed 0/10Mt/min
Cnc Controller with self-learning system in order to manage working areas


Examples of work


Asse X  1000 /1500 /2000 mm
Asse Y 1000/1500/2500 mm
Asse Z 300 mm
Diameter available nozzles 3-4-5-6-7 mm
Air Consumption 750/4000 litres per minute
Overall size mm 2200 x 2400 x 1800 H
Loading entrance of  plate Accessible from three sides

Sab jet sandblasting station, as well as the main structure, includes also:
Sandblasting unit with 60 litre tank  and turbine-powered industrial vacuum cleaner.



  Sandblasting unit with 60 litre tank

 turbine-powered industrial  vacuum cleaner.

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