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Sabbiatrice portatile I SAB


ISAB is the super compact pressure sander, practical and safe, ideal for occasional sanding both for professionals and hobbyists. The quality standard of ISAB components is comparable to that of our superior range of sanders.

You can combine ISAB with your air compressor (requires minimum 200 liters of air yield per minute) and jump-start your projects, with treatments that previously required dispersive and inconvenient processes. Using ISAB, you will immediately become a sanding expert.

Thanks to different abrasives (garblast, coriblast, microlux, dustlux, bicarbonate), with ISAB, your treatments will have multiple treatments on any type of surface (iron, steel, stone, granite, marble, wood, brick, concrete etc.).
ISAB is particularly suitable for building renovations, restoration of fixtures, gates, railings, wooden beams, sanitization and environmental hygiene, and restoration of cars and motorcycles.
The capacity of ISAB, in spite of small size, is 8 liters, which is equivalent to an estimated usage time of 15 minutes. Upon exhaustion of the abrasive, simply refill the hopper through a simple funnel.



Scheda Tecnica

Working pressure adjustable from 02 to 08 bar
Average air consumption 200 l/minute
Average consumption of abrasive 0.65 l / minute
Manual start and stop control
Pressure Tank Safety Valve
Nozzle in tungsten carbide available diam. 1.5 / 3 mm


Rc4 Protection Mask
Airsaf 02 Self-Ventilating Helmet
Humidification Kit for Dust Suppression




Station ISAB M Station ISAB E

with gas compressor with 6.5 hp
+ rc4 mask
with 2.2 kW single-phase electric compressor
+ rc4 mask


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