Graffiti removal - Tornado Cleaner

For cleaning surfaces affected by incrustations, rings, traces of smog, graffiti, or vandalism without dispersing harmful products into the environment

The revolutionary TORNADO FEVI graffiti removal system represents a real innovation in the field of surface treatment.

The patented ÔÇťTornado FeviÔÇŁ system is based on an innovative negative pressure system that allows the inert material being used to strike any surface at a speed of 120m/s.

By using different types of inert materials, such as Microlux, Garblast, or Coriblast, it is possible to obtain surface restoration treatments without altering the nature of the treated surface.

This surface renewal is completely closed-circuit, unlike common cleaning methods, for which it is necessary to use water or chemicals.

The Tornado Fevi system guarantees zero environmental impact; it offers the possibility to intervene in closed or cramped places that are difficult to reach without involving any danger.

It is no longer necessary to transport large quantities of water in tanks, or to place bulky compressors and power generators on site. The patented TORNADO FEVI system requires only a 220V power outlet and works in total autonomy.

Using TORNADO FEVI is simple and safe; it is not necessary to have any type of protective equipment, mask or anything else.
As soon as the monitor detaches from the surface, the blasting action stops.

Video gallery

TORNADO - boat paint removal

TORNADO - Removal of graffiti from plastic

TORNADO - Removal of graffiti on bricks and cladding

TORNADO - Test on bricks, cladding, stone

TORNADO - Removal of horizontal road markings

TORNADO - Cleaning indoor pool

TORNADO - Cleaning open air pool

TORNADO - Cleaning basement tiles

TORNADO - Cleaning exposed brick

TORNADO - Operating room floor cleaning

TORNADO - Cleaning marble and stone

TORNADO - Cleaning graffiti on cement

TORNADO - Cleaning threshold

TORNADO - Cleaning marble steps

TORNADO - Removal of residues and scale

TORNADO - Cleaning columns and stairs

TORNADO - Cleaning exposed brick

TORNADO - Graffiti removal

Photo gallery

Here are just a few demonstrations of what kinds of interventions you can perform without much effort, without chemicals and without a compressor.

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Minimum mass

Ecological cleaner for graffiti removal The system's small size makes it possible to intervene on site with great ease, without the use of large vehicles, which usually result in limited access to areas that are difficult to reach.

The equipment weighs only 45kg, and the system can be transported in any vehicle


The TORNADO FEVI graffiti elimination system comes with a repair kit that includes the maintenance of the most used components.

Below are the components that allow working on non-flat surfaces such as concave or convex edges (necessary for cleaning stairs, for example) and round surfaces, as well as oversized monitors.

Accessory for round surfaces accessory for round surfaces tornado accessory for surfaces tornado accessory for surfaces

tornado accessory for surfaces

tornado accessory for surfaces

tornado accessory for surfaces tornado accessory for surfaces

Immediate advantages

YOU CAN work anywhere
The system's complete autonomy, reduced overall dimensions, and lack of emission of liquid and solid substances into the environment allow interventions in historical centres, narrow spaces, and even inside inhabited rooms.

NO air compressor required:
Thanks to the patented TORNADO FEVI system, you can treat, clean and remove paint without the use of expensive and bulky compressors.

NO personal protection systems required:
This innovative working system differs from the classic sandblasting systems, for which various protective equipment is required. To use Tornado FeVi:
NO protective masks are needed
NO protective goggles are needed
NO gloves are needed
NO protective clothing is needed

It is NOT necessary to transform the place where the intervention is taking place into a construction site:
no dust is emitted, there is no dispersion of chemical products or large quantities of water, and there are no processing residues to be disposed of

the treatment takes place with absolutely no dust
which means no individual protection equipment, no site protection, no post-treatment cleaning, and no disposal of residual material

the system's spray outputDOES NOT involve the use of water or chemicals
no invasive chemical products are used, and no dust or waste water is emitted into the environment.

the size of the system is very small:
the TORNADO FEVI system does not use liquids or compressed air for its operation, and is exceptionally compact compared to the systems currently in use.
It is no longer necessary to carry large quantities of water in tanks, or to install bulky compressors and power generators on site.
The patented TORNADO FEVI system requires only a 220V power outlet




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