Sabix Plus Sanblaster

Model plus thanks to a new vibration system is able to use very fine abrasives

Universal Blaster plus free jet sandblaster

Universal, handy, practical, easy to use, it is the first sandblaster capable of working with any air compressor; it has been designed for cleaning, sandblasting, micro-sandblasting, restoration and engraving of any surface (facades, stone, bricks, terracotta, marble, granite, travertine, wood, glass, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.).

The machine is able to act with a pressure that can vary from 0 to 8 bar depending on the type of treatment required.

It does not require electricity.

SABIX PLUS can use different types of aggregates (corundum, glass microspheres, garnet, corn cob, quarzite etc.).

Thanks to a new vibration system it is able to use very fine abrasives.

Other decisive features are the manageability that make it unbeatable for use on site as well as the versatility since it can be used both in free jet and recovery.

Special Sabix Plus Special Sabix Plus
Details of the air/abrasive mixer Focus on the pneumatic shaker




Optionally available: humidification kit , dust-free sandblasting.





Construction and Fine Arts

Metal cleaning

Surface treatments

Wood treatments

Nautical sector



Construction and fine arts

Fine art restorers

Conservative restoration works in historic buildings

Restructuring companies

Restoration and renovation of civil/public masonry structures

Painters, decorators and plasterers

Stripping of wall coverings, window frames, gates, railings, etc.

Marble makers

Engraving and sandblasting on marble, granite, stone etc.


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Metal cleaning

Industrial body shops

Paint stripping, restoration, and maintenance of motor vehicles

Commercial vehicle dealers: tank and reservoir maintenance companies

Stripping, removal of rust, descaling of lime deposits, removal of corrosive substances of various kinds

Industrial carpentry

Preparation and subsequent processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials

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Surface treatments

Cleaning companies

Removal of graphite and miscellaneous

Catering hygiene services

Incrustations of worktops, grills, stoves, etc.

light building

Restoration of floors of various kinds

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Wood industry


Antique effect, recovery and restoration of hard and precious woods, treatments in antique furnishings and components.

Decorator carpenters

Stripping of hard and soft wood frames

Maintenance of wooden boats

Cleaning, maintenance and treatments on wooden hulls

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Nautical sector


Boat hull treatments

Engine cleaning

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