Types of cabinets

Sandblasting cabinets are commercially used for cleaning, buffing, satin finishing, and blasting a large range of items made of various types of materials (iron, glass, plastic, stainless steel, wood - etc.)

This type of sandblasting is particularly suitable for products with dimensions less than 1500 x 1200 x 900 mm, and weighing less than 300 - 500 kg

In specific situations, it is possible to modify the cabinet closure system for specific items beyond the above cited dimensions, for example tubes, bars or components that are exceedingly long, but have other reduced dimensions.

In these types of products, recoverable abrasives or powders are always used. As such, beyond letting the user be completely outside of the sandblasting area, the advantage of this system is the drastic reduction of waste to be disposed as it is removed from the surface treated along with the abrasive used, whose quantity of excess varies depending on the type used.

This is possible as all of these machines are equipped with more or less efficient systems to clean and select the abrasive. Blasting cabinets or bead blasting machines are subdivided into two large families according to the system used to propel the abrasive, or more specifically:

1 - Reverse pressure/suction cabinets or bead blasters

2 - Cabinets with pressure systems.