Accident prevention and control measures are included in free jet sandblasters in order to prevent accidents on the job.

The user must:

Beginning in January 1995, with Italy's adhesion to the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and consequent CE marking approval, every producer became responsible for analyzing eventual risks, facility of use and maintenance during use of a machine during development.     
Prior to this, and unfortunately also frequently today, machine models with manual controls are used in the shipbuilding field.  The start and stop of these machines is performed by a person other than the operator who is using the sandblasting jet. Consequently, in terms of risk analysis, this type of system should be considered completely unacceptable.
In fact, we build and sell this type of machine without CE marking, as it is considered a component that the client will complete with its own control systems.  
Therefore it is extremely important to be conscious of these types of problems, as unfortunately there are misguided manufacturers who reduce the meaning of CE marking to a simple label.

Below, we discuss in detail the systems we have adapted in order to adhere to the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC