Air Saf AS3

When security and protection become Comfort...
Air Saf as3

caschi portettivi autoventilati

The Air-saf AS3 an innovative medium-coverage auto ventilated helmet, designed for sandblasting operations where movement is essential. An effective neck covering guarantees full protection.
It comes equipped with a turbine that draws air through filters 
and channels it (purified) toward the visor, eliminating fogging.
Additionally, the continuous air flow creates positive pressure that eliminates breathing difficulties, guaranteeing comfort and keeping out contaminated air.



Overview of the Air Saf AS3 protective helmet

Technical data

Filters Two: for dust or combo gas and dust
Visor Visor with reinforced edges and soft cloth facial lining
Power Rechargeable batteries
Usage time 10 hours
Charge time 10 hours
Size Adjustable and adaptable harness for all sizes



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