Protective caps

Work safely - work better.

We know how some jobs (like in construction) involve complicated and uncomfortable work conditions.

In situations where free jet sandblasting is performed, it's unavoidable that a large quantity of dust is produced that quickly penetrates the workspace.  Scarce visibility and the sense of suffocating from dust make such work tiring, and paper masks and protective goggles do little against this, creating the need to take frequent breaks.



Because of this, Fevi produces tools for those who want to work effectively, and above all protect their health and the health of their colleagues by making modern and intelligent decisions.


Three types of auto ventilated helmets with various features allow for work withcontinuously filtered and fresh airwhich protects the eyes and respirator pathways even in highly dust-filled environments, giving the user a healthy and pleasant contained work environment.

AS 1

is the only auto ventilated helmet on the market that rests solely on the shoulders due to its well balanced chest flap, designed to fit the contours of the body.


Caschi protettivi FeVi - Air Saf AS2

AS 2
is the first auto ventilated sandblasting helmet with electronic air flow control.




AS 3 Caschi protettivi FeVi - Air Saf AS3

an innovative medium-coverage auto ventilated helmet, designed for sandblasting operations where movement is essential.details>





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