The Pressure Blaster BAG

The Pressure Blaster BAG

The Pressure Blaster BAG recovery sandblaster is supported by the innovative LMB 220 industrial vacuum cleaner  equipped with a continuous bag collection system.

Thanks to this practical recovery system, the operator never comes into contact with dust or processing waste, both during the sandblasting phase and in the disposal phase. 

Pressure Blaster BAG stands out for its revolutionary automatic filter cleaning system: using the appropriate lever, the operator can operate the self-cleaning of the filter cartridges with a simple maneuver, completing an effective anti-blowing action of the cartridges in a few seconds.

The special cyclone placed on the upper part of the sandblaster allows the separation from the dust and the recycling of the abrasive used.

The action of the LMB 220 single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner ensures the conduction of waste material inside the continuous Longopac collection bag.




Caratteristiche unità di sabbiatura Caratteristiche unità di aspirazione
Tank 24 L
Nozzle in widia diam. 4  mm
Operating pressure adjustment  from 2.5 bar to 7.8 bar
Air consumption at 7 bar :  from 700 L/min to 2000 L/min.
Dimensions (mm):  800 x 800 x h. 1400
Weight :  60 kg
Cyclone for dust separation
Operating pressure reducer
Wheeled base to facilitate movement
Remote control for start and stop
Abrasive adjustment and mixing valve
Anti-abrasion delivery pipe
Semi-transparent polyurethane antistatic recovery pipe
*Optional features
- Free jet sandblasting  conversion kit
- Abrasive adjustment pneumatic valve
- Tank vibration pneumatic shaker
- Dual grip control handlebar



Power  2200 W
Voltage  230 V 50/60 Hz
Air flow rate  340 m3/h
Max Negative Pressure  2300 mm H2O
Drum capacity  LONGOPAC
Filter surface area  22000 cm2
Noise level  72db
Dimensions (LxWxH)  48x73xh138cm
Weight  49 Kg
Filter shaker  Automatic
Filtration class  HEPA




Common to all versions of the Pressure Blaster range ( Base, Max, Infinity ), it is fitted with a 24 L pressure tank, with remote control located on the handle.


Recovery sandblasting processing cycle





gun body with optional handlebarGUN BODY

The sandblasting / shot-blasting process that enables operation in the absolute absence of dust takes place via a gun body casting with a front brush. The system uses a handle with a front brush which, working in contact with the surface to be treated, eliminates dust dispersion in the environment allowing to fully recover and recycle the abrasive used, separating it from the generated dust.

In the photo, the gun body is fitted with the optional "Double handle control handlebar". This handlebar provides great practicality while making it easier to use the sandblaster even on vertical surfaces.







The single-phase suction unit paired with the sandblasting unit ensures the recovery of the abrasive used and of the dust generated during removal.
The presence of a specific cyclone on the upper part of the sandblasting unit allows the recycling of the abrasive used and to collect the waste material inside the collector drum.

The separation between the dust and the abrasive allows for improved sandblasting quality and a longer life cycle of the abrasive and several advantages:

  • Lower maintenance costs of the parts subject to wear
  • Greater sandblasting speed
  • Greater safety for the operator








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